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iPhone 5 Leaked Images 2012

I thought it would be a bit of fun to take a look at all of the potential iPhone 5 leaked pictures.

On a side note, I do not condone leaks, and all photos below have been sourced from elsewhere on the internet.


(Images above sourced from


The Best Way To Protect Your Macbook Pro – Speck Satin Case

A few months ago I purchased a black Satin Case for my Macbook  from the Apple Online Store. Since buying it, it has proven to be very useful and to protect the computer wonderfully.


Apples shipping service for standard delivery was truly excellent. It was dispatched within 24 hours and arrived a mere two days later. It arrived in perfect condition. So, I would fully suggest that people offer their products from Apple. Now, on with the hardware review

Whats Good About The Case?…

  • The case fits the Macbook perfectly and locks on so well that there is no chance of it falling off.
  • It looks very nice. There is nothing that stands out on it other than the artistic logo.
  • It is very tough. I dropped the Macbook with it on and there was no damage caused at all.
  • It does not Get in the way of any of the ports, your cables, or gadgets.

Whats Bad About The Case?…

  • Any grease or finger prints actually stand out worse on this than on an unprotected Macbook.
  • Whilst not especially heavy, it does add considerable bulk to the laptop, which can be annoying.
  • You can only see the Apple logo faintly.

Summary & MedmondTech Rating…

Overall, I would definitely recommend this case to anybody owning a Macbook or Macbook Pro (and there is also a macbook air version). It is a a sturdy design, and does not look out of place on any of the Mac products.

MedmondTech Rating – 6 out of 10

Leaked iPhone 5 Images?

I thought it would be a bit of fun to take a look at all of the potential iPhone 5 leaked pictures, given the amount of speculation caused in the last week.

On a side note, MedmondTech does not condone leaks, and all photos below have been sourced from elsewhere on the internet. I do not guarantee any accuracy!!

(Images above sourced from

Personal 3D Player – Sony’s Tech Triumph?

Today (31st March), Sony unveiled an amazing new piece of technology that has the potential to revolutionise how we view our 3D content. 

Initial Thoughts On The Product

I have never been a massive fan of 3D technology in its current form, but this product has changed my perception of it. The main problem I have had with 3D, is that to watch it on a TV, you must wear the glasses. Whilst this is still using those glasses, it is using them as the actual display. This means that you dont have to worry that you are sat off from the centre of the TV screen, so the picture may get a bit blurry etc. In short, this product potentially eliminates the main issues with 3D

Specs Of The Procuct

  • It uses dual 0.7-inch HD OLED panels.
  • 1280×720 resolution
  • Includes 5.1 virtual surround sound
  • Viewing angles of 45 degrees

I want this… but whats the price? And when’s it released?

Well, you are going to have to wait a while to get your hands on this! Its set for a release date of 11 November. Its price should be somewhere in the region of £480.

What Do You Think?

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Is The iPod Going To Die? – The Discontinuation Of A Great Product?

iPod Line with a IPod Touch 2G

Image via Wikipedia

At its release in 2001, the iPod was an amazing product, and has to this day defined and set the standards for modern music players, but are its days numbered?

I would like to believe that the iPod range can continue as it is today, however, I do not believe this will be possible for much longer. I think that there will always be a place for the iPod Toch and the iPod Classic, but I would not be at all surprised if Apple were to discontinue the rest of the range. Here is why:

  • The iPod Nano was once the most popular iPod. It is not far away from the price of the iPod Touch and it has far less capability, so why would people wish to buy it? And more to the point why would  Apple continue to sell it, when they could make people pay a bit extra for the Touch?
  • The iPod Shuffle has very little going for it. It is way to expensive for what it is, and people know it! The average consumer will not pay close to £50 for a product that doesn’t do very much. For the same price you could purchase a low end better specked product.
  • Smartphones and Tablets have the capability to run music players in a much better way than the iPod, and they save you carrying around that extra device in your pocket.
I just want to make it clear that I am a massive supporter of Apple, and this is most definitely not a negative article about them, it is merely a prediction of the future. Any thoughts?…
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HP Ditches Consumer Market?

The current two dimensional HP logo used on co...

Image via Wikipedia

Since its been in the news a lot this week, I thought I should cover this topic. HP has the largest market share in the consumer PC Market, but sadly this aspect of their business has not been making them the money that they would have liked. Many years ago, IBM found themselves in a similar situation, and they found their way back to success buy focusing on the ‘Enterprise Market”

The Enterprise Market, for those of you who don’t know, is the bigger businesses that require vast amount of powerful and therefore expensive  technology. Because they could sell their products for a larger amount of money, their profit margins would increase and make their business more lucrative. Another great thing about this market, is that there is much less competition from other companies. This means that there is much less pressure to reduce prices and that they could potentially build a better monopoly.

In the Consumer Industry, HP has found itself with an image problem. If people want expensive products that they can be proud to show off they will turn to a company such as Apple or AlienWare. HP puts itself in a position where people who own their computers feel a bit ‘meh’ about it. There is no braggability.

For us, this means that we will be seeing much less of HP in our homes over the coming years. We are also witnessing the death of Web OS and their Mobile marker, which has been seen as a great sham by some people, and as an unexpected outcome to others. Got an opinion? Leave a comment below or email

Multi Touch Gestures

Smart Surface Multi touch table

Image via Wikipedia

A lot of people seem to be adverse to the concept of Multi-Touch gestures. They are now a widely supported concept in the Technology Industry, and can be seen in many Desktop and Mobile Operating Systems.

My personal opinion of Multi-Tuch has changed recently. When I first adopted the Mac Operating system at the beginning of this year I considered them to be a worthless addition to my computer. Now, a few months on, I consider them to be some of the most helpful additions to my computer. I love how they actually do manage to speed up how I navigate my computer, and I am now finding the same thing on my Mobile Device.

I feel as if a lot of the ‘hate’ is coming from people who do not quite understand what they are. It seems that a lot of Windows users do not like them because they are not widely supported on Windows PCs. To me this is no excuse to dislike something. Ignorance is not a reason for dislike. Is it?

Let me know your opinions…