Why to buy iPhoto for iPad


Français : Logo de l'iPad

I have always been a big fan of the iPhoto Application for Mac, and was extremely pleased when Apple announced that they would be making it available for the iOS platform. Some people have been sceptical about the release, saying that it isn’t needed, but this is why I believe that it is needed…


  1. The iPad is already a brilliant device to create digital content thanks to Apps such as; Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Garage Band and iMovie. The addition of iPhoto means that the iPad is now truly just as good for media creation as a Mac is (assuming that you favour the touch interface, which I do).
  2. At a price of £2.99, this software is so cheap for what it is. By Apple releasing iPhoto at this price, they have done something which has needed to be done for a while… Shown people you do not have to pay the extortionate prices that companies have been charging for similar products on iOS and Mac.
  3. If you take photos on your iPhone, and want to edit them on the go, it means that you do not have to pull a heavy laptop out to edit, it means that you can just pull out your sleek little iPad.


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