Spotify For Mac Review – The Best Music Streaming Service?

Now that Spotify has been released in the USA as well as here in Europe, I thought it may be time to do a review of the software client for the Mac.

About The Spotify App…

The Spotify App is not currently available through the Mac App Store, so you will need to download it directly from the Spotify website, which is In simple terms… the Spotify App is essentially a gateway to the Spotify Cloud Music service.

A cloud music service is essentially the playing of music that is stored on a central server and accessed via the internet. This means that using Spotify takes up little/no space on your hard drive, but it does use up internet bandwidth and may not be appropriate for those on a capped usage allowance.

Whats Good About The App…

  1. Because the music is not stored on your computer, you are not wasting space on your hard drive. This is especially good for people listening via netbooks.
  2. Even on very slow internet connections you will rarely have to wait for the music to buffer, and I have never been interrupted during the song
  3. You have access to almost every track you could wish for. All the big record labels have their music on this service
  4. This is great software to have for when you do not have the money to buy music via iTunes.
  5. Great for discovering new music and artists. When you are viewing an artists page you are offered related music. This has proven very  useful in discovering new music.

Whats Not So Good…

There isn’t much that can be said about Spotify’s application that is not positive. But there are a few negative things that I can pick out. I do not find them too bad, but they can be a little annoying

  • On the Free version, you are limited to 10 hours listening time per month.
  • There are irritating audio and visual adverts

Overall & MedmondTech Rating…

I absolutely love Spotify. I may not use it as much as I do iTunes, but it is a close second. In terms of music streaming services, this is by far the best desktop application, and possibly the best service all together! But, now its time to give it a MedmondTech Rating;

MedmondTech Rating – 7/10

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