Leaked iPhone 5 Left In A Bar?- (TodaysTechNews) 1st September

According to InformationWeek (Click Here For Link) “Another Apple employee has reportedly lost yet another iPhone prototype in a California bar”

If This Story Is True…

If this story proves to be genuine it could be a disaster for Apple. The reason that Apple keeps the design of their new products away from consumers until its release date is simple… because it means that the product is fresh in our minds at the release date so we are more likely to buy it than if we have had time to consider otherwise! Im not saying that if this has happened and the photos get leaked that Apple will crash and burn, by any stretch of the imagination.. im just saying that Apple will loose the initial surprise factor that helps in initial sales.

If This Story Isn’t True…

Well, I highly doubt that even if it is, any photos online will be genuine. So, as far as things go this story should make no difference to Apple, or their consumers


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