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The Best Way To Protect Your Macbook Pro – Speck Satin Case

A few months ago I purchased a black Satin Case for my Macbook  from the Apple Online Store. Since buying it, it has proven to be very useful and to protect the computer wonderfully.


Apples shipping service for standard delivery was truly excellent. It was dispatched within 24 hours and arrived a mere two days later. It arrived in perfect condition. So, I would fully suggest that people offer their products from Apple. Now, on with the hardware review

Whats Good About The Case?…

  • The case fits the Macbook perfectly and locks on so well that there is no chance of it falling off.
  • It looks very nice. There is nothing that stands out on it other than the artistic logo.
  • It is very tough. I dropped the Macbook with it on and there was no damage caused at all.
  • It does not Get in the way of any of the ports, your cables, or gadgets.

Whats Bad About The Case?…

  • Any grease or finger prints actually stand out worse on this than on an unprotected Macbook.
  • Whilst not especially heavy, it does add considerable bulk to the laptop, which can be annoying.
  • You can only see the Apple logo faintly.

Summary & MedmondTech Rating…

Overall, I would definitely recommend this case to anybody owning a Macbook or Macbook Pro (and there is also a macbook air version). It is a a sturdy design, and does not look out of place on any of the Mac products.

MedmondTech Rating – 6 out of 10


Leaked iPhone 5 Images?

I thought it would be a bit of fun to take a look at all of the potential iPhone 5 leaked pictures, given the amount of speculation caused in the last week.

On a side note, MedmondTech does not condone leaks, and all photos below have been sourced from elsewhere on the internet. I do not guarantee any accuracy!!

(Images above sourced from

Spotify For Mac Review – The Best Music Streaming Service?

Now that Spotify has been released in the USA as well as here in Europe, I thought it may be time to do a review of the software client for the Mac.

About The Spotify App…

The Spotify App is not currently available through the Mac App Store, so you will need to download it directly from the Spotify website, which is In simple terms… the Spotify App is essentially a gateway to the Spotify Cloud Music service.

A cloud music service is essentially the playing of music that is stored on a central server and accessed via the internet. This means that using Spotify takes up little/no space on your hard drive, but it does use up internet bandwidth and may not be appropriate for those on a capped usage allowance.

Whats Good About The App…

  1. Because the music is not stored on your computer, you are not wasting space on your hard drive. This is especially good for people listening via netbooks.
  2. Even on very slow internet connections you will rarely have to wait for the music to buffer, and I have never been interrupted during the song
  3. You have access to almost every track you could wish for. All the big record labels have their music on this service
  4. This is great software to have for when you do not have the money to buy music via iTunes.
  5. Great for discovering new music and artists. When you are viewing an artists page you are offered related music. This has proven very  useful in discovering new music.

Whats Not So Good…

There isn’t much that can be said about Spotify’s application that is not positive. But there are a few negative things that I can pick out. I do not find them too bad, but they can be a little annoying

  • On the Free version, you are limited to 10 hours listening time per month.
  • There are irritating audio and visual adverts

Overall & MedmondTech Rating…

I absolutely love Spotify. I may not use it as much as I do iTunes, but it is a close second. In terms of music streaming services, this is by far the best desktop application, and possibly the best service all together! But, now its time to give it a MedmondTech Rating;

MedmondTech Rating – 7/10

Leaked iPhone 5 Left In A Bar?- (TodaysTechNews) 1st September

According to InformationWeek (Click Here For Link) “Another Apple employee has reportedly lost yet another iPhone prototype in a California bar”

If This Story Is True…

If this story proves to be genuine it could be a disaster for Apple. The reason that Apple keeps the design of their new products away from consumers until its release date is simple… because it means that the product is fresh in our minds at the release date so we are more likely to buy it than if we have had time to consider otherwise! Im not saying that if this has happened and the photos get leaked that Apple will crash and burn, by any stretch of the imagination.. im just saying that Apple will loose the initial surprise factor that helps in initial sales.

If This Story Isn’t True…

Well, I highly doubt that even if it is, any photos online will be genuine. So, as far as things go this story should make no difference to Apple, or their consumers

The Best Android Game To Travel With – Air Control

Air Control is a stagey game for the Android Platform via free download from the Android Market, and is well worth a try! & ©Air Conrol)

What Is Air Control?

The aim of the game is to land safely the three different form of aircraft in the game, which are;

  • Large Passenger Jets – These are the largest and fastest
  • Small Passenger Turbo Props – These are the medium speed and size aircraft
  • Helicopters – These annoying little blighters are small but extremely slow
In order to land the planes safely you need to draw a flight path to the start of the runways (or helipad). Whilst traveling to the start of these landing zones, they must not collide with each other. If this happens the game is over.

What’s So Great About It?

On paper, this simple (in design) game looks really boring! I downloaded it as something to muck about with before a Job interview, and have been playing it ever since. There is a massively addictive quality to this game, once you have picked it up you will struggle to put it down again!

Im not in anyway saying that this game is BETTER than other classics such as Angry Birds, I am merely saying that it is the most addictive!

Are There Any Extra Costs?

Yes, Im not gonna lie, there are. This is the massive downfall with this game! I hate games that appear free but have hidden charges, but in this case they are worth the money.

If you pay for the ‘premium’ version if this game, you get a lot of new and more interesting maps. You can however survive without upgrading, as you get two of the best for free anyway.

Whats The Verdict?

Maybe not quite the best Android Game in the world, but certainly one of the best!

MedmondTech Rating – 7/10

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