Is The iPod Going To Die? – The Discontinuation Of A Great Product?

iPod Line with a IPod Touch 2G

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At its release in 2001, the iPod was an amazing product, and has to this day defined and set the standards for modern music players, but are its days numbered?

I would like to believe that the iPod range can continue as it is today, however, I do not believe this will be possible for much longer. I think that there will always be a place for the iPod Toch and the iPod Classic, but I would not be at all surprised if Apple were to discontinue the rest of the range. Here is why:

  • The iPod Nano was once the most popular iPod. It is not far away from the price of the iPod Touch and it has far less capability, so why would people wish to buy it? And more to the point why would  Apple continue to sell it, when they could make people pay a bit extra for the Touch?
  • The iPod Shuffle has very little going for it. It is way to expensive for what it is, and people know it! The average consumer will not pay close to £50 for a product that doesn’t do very much. For the same price you could purchase a low end better specked product.
  • Smartphones and Tablets have the capability to run music players in a much better way than the iPod, and they save you carrying around that extra device in your pocket.
I just want to make it clear that I am a massive supporter of Apple, and this is most definitely not a negative article about them, it is merely a prediction of the future. Any thoughts?…
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3 responses to “Is The iPod Going To Die? – The Discontinuation Of A Great Product?”

  1. Linear Fix says :

    Excellent article, I hope they don’t discontinue the iPods they represent a lot of the Apple brand and success.

  2. iPodRepublic (@ipodrepublic) says :

    I don’t think they will discontinue any of the iPod range at this stage as it is still a profitable business that they are likely to want to milk for some time to come. My prediction is that they will renew the iPod Touch this year, and possibly the iPod Nano, the rest will continue with current models for another year. The focus however will be all on iOS devices.

  3. Joe G says :

    I made an article on this exact subject, I believe that iPods could die off but I think within time. It will happen, but when it will, I do not know.

    Also any artisits out there check out thechurchofapple’s art contest, make the best Apple art and win prizes!

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