The Advantages Of Full Screen Mac Apps

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After using Lion for quite a while now, I have grown to realise why Steve Jobs was making such a big thing about full screen apps in Mac OS 10 Lion. The full screen Apps that I use most commonly are;

  • Chrome (This is only available in the latest developer build so far)
  • iTunes
  • iCal
I thought initially that Apple was making a massive fuss out of finally having matched Windows‘ efforts to give applications maximum screen real estate (i.e. removing the dock). I was very pleased when I realised that Apple has blown Windows out of the water with this new system. It may seem like a minor UI enhancement, but to someone with a 13 inch laptop screen it makes a massive difference.
So Whats good about this full screen experience?
  • It gives much better use of the screen for the smaller screens in the Mac range.
  • It removes the distraction of the Dock and Menu bar.
  • It feels well done. It is a finely tuned upgrade, unlike ‘Spaces’ was to Leopard
As usual, I am not trying to provoke any Mac or Windows Fanboys to start a war with me, I am merely stating why I think Full Screen Apps are a good thing.
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