Google Related – What Is It & Review

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Google has released numerous new products this year, including; What Do You Love, Google +, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and now they have added Google Related to the list.

Google has been fairly quiet about the release of this particular product. I only found it today via their YouTube channel, so I decided to test it out. Google Related is a toolbar for Chrome which appears at the bottom of a page to give you related things to the website you are on, such as; maps, other websites and videos. This is a remarkably useful feature, because it saves you opening up a new tab to find a map leading you to a Cafe, it is just a link on a toolbar now. It does however have a few problems. I have found that it regularly mistakes what you are looking at for something else. I searched the name of a local Cafe chain and Related gave me the adress of somewhere in New York. I wouldn’t mind, but I live in England!

As a brief summary, I would consider this to be a brilliant idea with great potential. I just feel as if they rushed too much to release it. If they had spent a bit longer perfecting it, and then made a big thing about its release I would have been more satisfied.

I will post a full review in a weeks time. Email me at with you opinions or any tech related questions. Dont forget to visit my Personal Blog. On my personal blog I will post general things including tech, and my favourite youtube clips


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