How To Be A Green Techie!

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I would consider myself to be a reasonably environmentally friendly person. I recycle everything that I can (including my tech), but is it possible to be a Green Techie?

I would say that it is possible. And here is how I think you can do what you can not to kill the planet:

  • Buy something that you know will last a long time- The c02 released during the production of a product is a main factor in global warming and the oil crisis.  By purchasing something that will have a longer lifeline than its cheaper alternative you are reducing your carbon foot print. For example I purchased a radio 4 years ago that was very expensive and over-specked, but that has payed off because I am still not contemplating replacing it.
  • Look for energy efficient products- Some products use more energy than others. A good example of this is an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) TV. By purchasing one of these instead of an LCD TV you are using dramatically less electricity. And yes, they are more expensive, but it will last you longer and you wont wish to replace it so soon because its newer technology.
  • Turn things off when you’re not using them- Try not t0 leave music, screens, computers etc on when you go off to do something else, it is really not good for your energy consumption
  • Recycle Recycle Recycle- Nope, I dont mean paper! I mean old phones, old laptops, old microwaves, I mean all your tech. Why throw it in the bin when it can be used to make a new product, and possibly make you a little money.
So, try it out, and share your tips in the comments or email at for your suggestions to be posted in a follow up article.

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