Which is the best web browser?

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Naturally, as in all areas of tech, any answer is subjective. I am however making an unbiased judgement based on 5 months of using each browser for an equal amount of time. I have done this to find the answer to what is a very commonly asked question. All browsers were tested on the Mac platform, so naturally Internet Explorer is not on this list. I will however be writing about it soon.

The order is:

  1. Google Chrome – Its fast, easy to use, good looking, and it rarely crashes.
  2. Firefox – Second, but still not good. It crashes, its slow loading at startup, but it is very compatible with different formats and its opens pages quite fast.
  3. Safari – Opens fast, looks good, works brilliantly on Lion. It is however slow loading some pages and it crashes a lot.
There you go people! Thats the Top 3 Mac Web Browsers

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2 responses to “Which is the best web browser?”

  1. Bren says :

    I have used Firefox for years and years. When I loaded Google chrome, I thought it would blow Firefox out of the water. Wrong. The very first time I used it, it crashed. Maybe it was new. Plus, I find that figuring out how to navigate in Chrome isn’t that easy. I have figured out how to find what I need by clicking o the star to the right top. Thank goodness because I like to clear my history.

    I do use it from time to time now but I find that Firefox has so many wonderful addons it just makes my life easier.

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