When Social Networking Goes Wrong – The London Riots

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Social Networking has been held responsible for many negative things since its invention. Tonight we have seen some disgusting scenes in London, where people’s livelihoods have been burnt to the ground, and where police are outnumbered “20 to 200” by unruly youths. This situation has been worsened by social networking sites such as Twitter and BBM say some people.

Social Networking sites (through no fault of their own, I would like to add) have been used by these hooligans to organise the riots, both before hand and as they were carried out. I do not blame the social networks themselves because they have no real way to sensor these people without becoming online dictatorships. So, basically I am not attacking the social networks themselves, but the concept behind them. They are too free and easy, which some people may say is good, but when they can be used to worsen a riot things have definitely got out of hand. Im not saying there is anything that can be done about it, I am merely saying the situation.




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