Trillian – A 6 Month Review

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Its now been about 6 months since I began using Trillian For Mac. Trillian is an app for Windows, Mac, Android, IOS and The Internet that allows you to instant message your friends on; Facebook, MSN, Aim, Google, and more.

The Good

  • Trillian Looks really great on every Desktop OS and Mobile OS
  • It is really light, so it never crashes and it runs really fast
  • Its notifications system is very prominent
  • It is much better than messenger for mac, or Facebook Chat itself
The Bad
  • The Web App looks hideous, it feels very outdated
  • It does not support custom emoticons
  • The Android App uses a lot of memory
I would say that Trillian is a very good service that I would recommend above a number of its competitors, I will certainly be continuing to use it for the foreseeable future. If I had to suggest one thing that I want to change about it, that would be the Look and Feel of the Web Application.
Rating — 8/10

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