Should The Government Monitor Social Networks More?

London region in the United Kingdom

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Over the last few days we have seen some absolutely despicable things happening across London and other major Cities in England. People have been quick to lay some of the blame on Social Networks for making it too easy to organise such things. I said in a previous post that the social networks themselves are not to blame, which got me wondering who is to blame.

I believe that the Government is partly to blame for the organisation of destructive behaviour via social media websites. The websites themselves are not allowed to do much to stop such things happening due to privacy policies etc. But governments are allowed to monitor traffic on these websites, and they should be doing this more than they currently do. If the British government had been monitoring Facebook and Twitter for keywords such as riots etc then they could have anticipated what was going to happen and then have more strategies in place to prevent what happened.

This would of course bring up issues of privacy, but sometimes I think that we just have to accept that we do not live in a perfect world, and that we need t do more to stop bad things happening even if that does come at the cost of our freedom. What do you thing? Email or leave a comment



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