Multi Touch Gestures

Smart Surface Multi touch table

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A lot of people seem to be adverse to the concept of Multi-Touch gestures. They are now a widely supported concept in the Technology Industry, and can be seen in many Desktop and Mobile Operating Systems.

My personal opinion of Multi-Tuch has changed recently. When I first adopted the Mac Operating system at the beginning of this year I considered them to be a worthless addition to my computer. Now, a few months on, I consider them to be some of the most helpful additions to my computer. I love how they actually do manage to speed up how I navigate my computer, and I am now finding the same thing on my Mobile Device.

I feel as if a lot of the ‘hate’ is coming from people who do not quite understand what they are. It seems that a lot of Windows users do not like them because they are not widely supported on Windows PCs. To me this is no excuse to dislike something. Ignorance is not a reason for dislike. Is it?

Let me know your opinions…

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