Apple Releases Cheap iMac For Schools – Is It All Good Will?

Apple Inc

Image by Phil Bradley via Flickr

Apple recently announced a $999 (In dollars because not available in UK) iMac for schools. They seem to be trying to make macs affordable for the Education sector, but as much as they would like you to think this is all good will, it probably isn’t.

It is my belief (and my belief alone, not fact!) that Apple is using this as an advertising strategy. By getting Macs into classrooms, Apple will be exposing more people to their products than would otherwise have used them. By doing this they manage to create a stronger desire for their products amongst the younger people in our society. Forgive me if this sounds pessimistic, but I would never have considered buying a Mac if my school had not put iMacs in the Music Classrooms. Im sure that apple means well by putting this offer out there, but I do not believe that there is not an secondary motive behind this.

What do you think?


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