Os X 10 Lion Slowed My Computer Down (Review Part 2)

White MacBook laptop

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As much as I may love OS X 10.7 Lion, I am well aware it has a few problems. The largest of all is that it has slowed my 2010 Macbook down. I’m not trying to say that it is so slow I can’t  bear it any more (unlike Vista), it is just very noticeable that it is not as fast as it was when it was running Snow Leopard.

The new features in Lion make up for this issue, but it is certainly not something that Apple should be very proud of. Some people have told me that this is because it is the ‘low end’ of MacBooks, but to that I say that a £845 laptop should be able to handle an OS released one year later.


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2 responses to “Os X 10 Lion Slowed My Computer Down (Review Part 2)”

  1. Elise says :

    Hey this happened to me too…have you figured out how to solve this?

    • Medmond says :

      System updates eventually fixed it. But it also helped that software i was using updated to be compatible with lion

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