London Riots

I know it is not what I would usually write for this blog, but I feel that I need to make some comment on what is happening now. Whatever people’s motives may be, it is NEVER acceptable for people to damage people’s property and businesses or to be aggressive to the Police force. It is absolutely outrageous and is doing nothing for your cause! These people are here to make our society safer, they are not in anyway trying to oppress you! Sort your lives out! More to the point Blackberry should not be apologising for the riots being organised through BBM, they have not reason or right to monitor IM traffic to determine whether such a thing is going to happen. People are obviously targeting them because they need someone to blame, and the people to blame are on the streets not working for Blackberry!

Sorry for the rant 🙂 – Medmond Tech


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4 responses to “London Riots”

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