Should I buy a Mac, Windows or a Chromebook?

I often feel as if people don’t quite understand that there is not one perfect OS. It is about finding the one that is right for you, and that is dependant on many factors. Because of this I thought that it would be good to profile the intended user of each OS;

Mac OS  Lion

  • An Expensive OS to buy into, so not for those with an empty pocket.
  • A very basic OS
  • Unlikely that much will go wrong
  • Needs very little maintenance
Windows 7
  • An operating system that can be very cheap to buy into
  • Massive choice of computers it runs on (But be very weary of cheap ones!!!!!)
  • Requires Quite a lot of maintenance
  • You can self-build a Windows PC
  • Has a wider range of Applications
Chrome OS
  • Mid Price range computers
  • Entirely internet based
  • Very easy to use
  • Dependant on good internet connection
  • Not many Application

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