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Personal 3D Player – Sony’s Tech Triumph?

Today (31st March), Sony unveiled an amazing new piece of technology that has the potential to revolutionise how we view our 3D content. 

Initial Thoughts On The Product

I have never been a massive fan of 3D technology in its current form, but this product has changed my perception of it. The main problem I have had with 3D, is that to watch it on a TV, you must wear the glasses. Whilst this is still using those glasses, it is using them as the actual display. This means that you dont have to worry that you are sat off from the centre of the TV screen, so the picture may get a bit blurry etc. In short, this product potentially eliminates the main issues with 3D

Specs Of The Procuct

  • It uses dual 0.7-inch HD OLED panels.
  • 1280×720 resolution
  • Includes 5.1 virtual surround sound
  • Viewing angles of 45 degrees

I want this… but whats the price? And when’s it released?

Well, you are going to have to wait a while to get your hands on this! Its set for a release date of 11 November. Its price should be somewhere in the region of £480.

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Todays Tech News – Wednesday 31st August 2011


  • Toshiba AT100 tablet will arrive tomorrow! This is the news that the latest Android Honeycomb tablet will be hitting the UK’s shelves Tomorrow!
  • The Financial Times has withdrawn its iPad app from the App Store! The financial Times has made the decision to withdraw its iPad app from the App Store following a dispute between the two companies.  PaidContentUK reports that the Financial Times did not want Apple handling the data of those who subscribe via the store.
  • Sony Reveals Personal 3D Viewer!  Sony, has today launched its personal 3D viewer. This will be, what looks like, a pair of glasses that will play 3D content without the need for a TV screen.

Caffeine – A Mac App Review

Caffeine is a free application available on the Mac App Store (Categories > Utilities > Top Free) that prevents your computer from going into sleep mode when you are idle.

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So, Caffeine is basically a shortcut to the process of opening power settings and adjusting the sleep mode settings. I would rate this as being one of my favourite applications, not only for its simplicity, but for its general usefulness. I find that I may want my laptop to sleep at one moment, but an hour later I may change my mind. This application facilitates those needs.

MedmondTech App Rating… 9 of 10

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The Best Web Apps – Chrome Web Store

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

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The Chrome Web Store is in my opinion a very under-appreciated resource. People seem to mis-understand the purpose of the Web Store. The point, was for Google to have created a directory of web-based applications that It can guarantee you are safe, and offer you a safe way to pay for them.

Here is my list of the top (free) web apps advertised through the web store:

  1. Gmail – Naturally the best web mail client available in this day and age.
  2. – A free online web messenger that allows you to contact your friends on; MSN, Facebook, Steam, myspace, aim, Skype and Yahoo.
  3. Google Books – The best ebook store apart from iBooks.
  4. Google Docs – The best online document creation tool. Perfect for education, enterprise and personal
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Is The iPod Going To Die? – The Discontinuation Of A Great Product?

iPod Line with a IPod Touch 2G

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At its release in 2001, the iPod was an amazing product, and has to this day defined and set the standards for modern music players, but are its days numbered?

I would like to believe that the iPod range can continue as it is today, however, I do not believe this will be possible for much longer. I think that there will always be a place for the iPod Toch and the iPod Classic, but I would not be at all surprised if Apple were to discontinue the rest of the range. Here is why:

  • The iPod Nano was once the most popular iPod. It is not far away from the price of the iPod Touch and it has far less capability, so why would people wish to buy it? And more to the point why would  Apple continue to sell it, when they could make people pay a bit extra for the Touch?
  • The iPod Shuffle has very little going for it. It is way to expensive for what it is, and people know it! The average consumer will not pay close to £50 for a product that doesn’t do very much. For the same price you could purchase a low end better specked product.
  • Smartphones and Tablets have the capability to run music players in a much better way than the iPod, and they save you carrying around that extra device in your pocket.
I just want to make it clear that I am a massive supporter of Apple, and this is most definitely not a negative article about them, it is merely a prediction of the future. Any thoughts?…
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The Advantages Of Full Screen Mac Apps

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After using Lion for quite a while now, I have grown to realise why Steve Jobs was making such a big thing about full screen apps in Mac OS 10 Lion. The full screen Apps that I use most commonly are;

  • Chrome (This is only available in the latest developer build so far)
  • iTunes
  • iCal
I thought initially that Apple was making a massive fuss out of finally having matched Windows‘ efforts to give applications maximum screen real estate (i.e. removing the dock). I was very pleased when I realised that Apple has blown Windows out of the water with this new system. It may seem like a minor UI enhancement, but to someone with a 13 inch laptop screen it makes a massive difference.
So Whats good about this full screen experience?
  • It gives much better use of the screen for the smaller screens in the Mac range.
  • It removes the distraction of the Dock and Menu bar.
  • It feels well done. It is a finely tuned upgrade, unlike ‘Spaces’ was to Leopard
As usual, I am not trying to provoke any Mac or Windows Fanboys to start a war with me, I am merely stating why I think Full Screen Apps are a good thing.
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Google Chrome To Support Full-Screen On Mac

Google Chrome logo.

Image via Wikipedia

Yep, i’ve wanted it too… Google Chrome is going to support new Lion features;

  • Full Screen Mode
  • Three finger double click = Lookup
  • Two fingers to go back/forward
Welcome news indeed. I am aware of this because it is currently being tested on the Developer build.