Technology Is Ruining Our Lives…

…Or is it? I am of the opinion that technology shapes our lives whether we want it to or not, and I am starting to wonder whether that is a good thing!

That may sound like a very broad statement, so let me explain in a more concise way;

  • Almost every job in the world now requires you to work with a machine, or at least something with a computer chip in it.
  • Many households in the world have, or have access to a Personal Computer, either through a library, or by owning one themselves.
  • All modern cars contain a computer of some kind that makes decisions about what the car should do for you.

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Five reasons that I believe this ‘take over of technology’ is bad…;

  1. Computers are only as good as their programmers, and they can still make mistakes. We trust computers to pilot airplanes, and they still crash.
  2. We are spending way too much time on them. People can become seriously addicted to aspects of computing or the internet, such as; Facebook, Pornography, Emails
  3. People replace real friends with virtual ones, or ones met over the internet. Am I seriously the only person in the world that finds this sad?
  4. We are blaming the economy for unemployment, but how many jobs do you think have been taken over by machines? I’m guessing a hell of a lot.
  5. Computers, and technology in general has the ability to distract people from what they should actually be doing, and they can be used as an excuse for procrastination.

So, what are your thoughts on this topic?

IBM Portable Personal Computer :: Retrocomputi...

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5 responses to “Technology Is Ruining Our Lives…”

  1. steffwoodward says :

    I agree that technology shapes our lives no matter where we go – it is impossible to escape! I think technology is necessary and powerful, but we have become so accustomed and addicted to it that it will slowly begin to ruin our society. People are losing their authentic way of communication. Look at kids these days – a large majority of them are inside playing video games instead of outside playing and socializing. Though there are many negatives and positives about technology, one thing is for certain is that it makes us lazy. I mean there are even billboards that say “Go out and play an hour a day!” Kids and teens text message each other (even when they are sitting right by each other) because they don’t want that face to face interaction. Even sports such as tennis and baseball can be played with technology (a Wii). People turn to Myspace and Facebook for friends and relationships. I believe technology is helpful, but we abuse the power.

    • Medmond says :

      Yep, you’re definitely right about that. As far as children and teenagers go, social networks should be seen as a place to go when they go home after a day with friends or family. Well thats my opinin anyway.

  2. Brett Horton says :

    I think about this stuff a lot and I’d like to read more thoughts on this subject…

  3. anfal says :

    we must use technology with limits

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