How To Set Up A Successful Blog

These are my simple steps for setting up and maintaining a successful blog;

  1. Decide on a topic that interests you. There is no point in writing about something that bores you. Equally, make sure that you don’t enter into a saturated (over populated) genre, such as Technology and Sports.
  2. Find what makes your style unique. There is nothing worse as a blog reader, than reading 100 blogs, and them all being written in the same zombie like form.
  3. Presentation Matters a lot. Find a background that suits your topic and which will not drive your audience away. Your fonts also need to be thought through, and don’t just write in paragraph form, mix it up a little, people appreciate it.
  4. Allow Interactivity. You do not have to fully engage in this one I don’t publish people’s comments, but I will always send an email response to them… also why not give out an email address for people to ask questions to (my email –
  5. Pretty Pictures. These can be what engage some people in your blog. Make sure that you find plenty of pictures for all your blog posts. If you don’t you’ll be nagged into doing it by your audience, I was

If you want any advice, help or a review of your blog please email me at – I am happy to help with anything.


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