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How To Set Up A Successful Blog

These are my simple steps for setting up and maintaining a successful blog;

  1. Decide on a topic that interests you. There is no point in writing about something that bores you. Equally, make sure that you don’t enter into a saturated (over populated) genre, such as Technology and Sports.
  2. Find what makes your style unique. There is nothing worse as a blog reader, than reading 100 blogs, and them all being written in the same zombie like form.
  3. Presentation Matters a lot. Find a background that suits your topic and which will not drive your audience away. Your fonts also need to be thought through, and don’t just write in paragraph form, mix it up a little, people appreciate it.
  4. Allow Interactivity. You do not have to fully engage in this one I don’t publish people’s comments, but I will always send an email response to them… also why not give out an email address for people to ask questions to (my email –
  5. Pretty Pictures. These can be what engage some people in your blog. Make sure that you find plenty of pictures for all your blog posts. If you don’t you’ll be nagged into doing it by your audience, I was

If you want any advice, help or a review of your blog please email me at – I am happy to help with anything.



Technology Is Ruining Our Lives…

…Or is it? I am of the opinion that technology shapes our lives whether we want it to or not, and I am starting to wonder whether that is a good thing!

That may sound like a very broad statement, so let me explain in a more concise way;

  • Almost every job in the world now requires you to work with a machine, or at least something with a computer chip in it.
  • Many households in the world have, or have access to a Personal Computer, either through a library, or by owning one themselves.
  • All modern cars contain a computer of some kind that makes decisions about what the car should do for you.

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Five reasons that I believe this ‘take over of technology’ is bad…;

  1. Computers are only as good as their programmers, and they can still make mistakes. We trust computers to pilot airplanes, and they still crash.
  2. We are spending way too much time on them. People can become seriously addicted to aspects of computing or the internet, such as; Facebook, Pornography, Emails
  3. People replace real friends with virtual ones, or ones met over the internet. Am I seriously the only person in the world that finds this sad?
  4. We are blaming the economy for unemployment, but how many jobs do you think have been taken over by machines? I’m guessing a hell of a lot.
  5. Computers, and technology in general has the ability to distract people from what they should actually be doing, and they can be used as an excuse for procrastination.

So, what are your thoughts on this topic?

IBM Portable Personal Computer :: Retrocomputi...

Image by br1dotcom via Flickr

How To Get (And Why To Get) The New Gmail Theme

It’s hard to not have noticed the recent visual changes implemented by Google to its current line-up of products. Gmail is no exception, and there is now an option to try out the ‘preview’ of the new Gmail experience. This is an article about how to get this new look, and why I think you should.

(This image and the image below are Copyrighted by Google, and is only being used as a descriptive device by Medmond Tech)


To get the new Gmail experience follow the following instructions;

  1. Click on the ‘Settings’ logo in the top right hand corner of the webpage.
  2. From the settings ‘Nav  Bar’ choose THEMES
  3. At the bottom of all the options the option DENSE will appear, select this.
  4. Refresh the browser
Why I Think The New Gmail Experience Is So Great;
  • The new colour scheme and layout is in sync with the new Google Calendar and Google Search pages, so it adds some consistency to your Google experience.
  • The older themes now look marginally out-of-place along side the newly added Google Toolbar, so this will be a welcome update for any design fanatics.
  • The menus and buttons are larger, which can help users used to Apple’s Mail application. It is also quite a kick in the face to Outlook Web App as far as usability goes.
These are just my opinions, but given I am usually quite sceptical about design changes to  a service that was fine in the first place, it must definitely be worth considering. Dont forget that you can always change back to how it was before if you do not like it.
For all of you sick of me constantly going on about Google, i apologise, and I will be moving on to some Microsoft and Apple news later this week.

Google Changes Its Outfit – A Review Of Google Update (June/July)

It can’t have escaped anybody’s notice that good ol’ Google has re-decorated. Amongst this face change has been the introduction of a new Black (or white) toolbar at the top of almost all google pages, a new look google calendar, and a few minor changes to GMail.

(This image is Copyrighted by Google. It has been used for descriptive purposes only)

Google has been renowned as a company that likes to keep its image plain, simple and consistent. I must say that on a personal level i am very pleased that they have moved themselves into the new decade. I was getting tired of their older look, and I appreciate a bit of color in my internet services.

The addition of the black menu bar has been amazingly controversial. Although i cant see why, doesn’t that seem a bit petty? Google seems to be able to collect masses of information from us and get little response, but make a change to their website and we are up in arms! – Thats my friday rant out of the way 😛

(This image is Copyrighted by Google. It has been used for descriptive purposes only)