iPad 3? When is it coming? Will it be released this year?

The iPad is possibly one of the most distinctive pieces of technology created in the last decade, and It also managed to re-define a whole category of personal computing. But with success comes competition, and many Android equivalents are beginning to catch up with Apples iPad 2. Because of this there has been speculation as to whether Apple will upgrade the iPad later this year.

(This image is Copyrighted by Apple inc. and has been used only as a descriptive tool)

No, it wont be released this year, I am willing to stake my reputation on that (well I would be if I had one). Apple would be very stupid if it were to release a new version of the iPad so soon, it would anger a lot of its customers who bought the iPad two, and ultimately, Apple needs to keep its ‘Fanboys’ happy.

There would be an advantage to releasing the new iPad, after all, it would mean that its competitors would be thrown even further back into the dark by any new technology added to it. Despite this, I just cannot see Apple being so stupid that they would risk the customer loyalty that has mad the company what it is today.



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