“Should I Buy My Kids An iPad?”

I often hear people asking questions like this on Web forums and in YouTube comment threads. I have been reflecting on this topic quite a bit today (In my extreme boredom), and I have come to the conclusion that it is not a bad idea.

(This image is Copyrighted by Apple inc. It has been used only as a descriptive tool)

My reasons for making this statement are;

  • That it is an interactive and potentially educational item. Would you not rather your child was interacting with a controllable device than simply sitting and watching TV.
  • You can restrict a child’s access to applications, the internet and system settings far more easily than you can on a Mac or PC.
  • You can buy some very very tough iPad cases that will protect it even when it is in use, so you can be guaranteed that your kid will not break it.
Now, does that not make complete sense? Glad I could Hep!

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