Should I Upgrade My Computer?

In the past few months sise I set up this blog I have been getting rather confused by people emailing me with questions such as;

“Should I replace my old Sony Vaio laptop with the newer 2011 model?”

Sony Vaio

(This image is Copyrighted by Sony. It has been used for descriptive purposes)

The reason that I find these questions confusing is that the older version is clearly working otherwise you couldn’t have sent the email, so why upgrade? And unless you are doing things like gaming, video or music editing you have no need to be keeping up with the latest processors and graphics processors.

You see, I may be a techie, but I would consider myself to also be sensible with my wallet. My answer to whether you should upgrade your computer is based on a few questions i would ask you;

  1. Does your current computer work?
  2. Does your current computer meet the demands you have of it?
  3. Could you not just clean up the hard drive, run de-frag and possibly upgrade the OS?
If the answer is yes to the first two questions then maybe you should try the third point. If the answer is no, then sure, go spend your money on the newer model. Now is that not the sensible solution?

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