Orange San Francisco Review (1 Month On)

Well, Its been about a month since I caved in and bought an Android phone, and me being me, I bought one of the cheapest ones that you can get. Despite my low expectations of an £84 device, I have been blown over by how amazing this phone is.


(This image is Copyrighted by Orange. It has been used for descriptive purposes only)

Lets get down to its fault first so we can end on a high note eh?

  • My San Francisco has a manufacturing fault which means that it will not charge in certain positions – odd I know, but its not a big enough issue for me to dwell on.
  • It Comes with LOADS of rubbish Orange apps and trial software that you cannot easily delete!!!!! – Its Windows all over again.
  • Its battery life could maybe be a bit bigger? possibly?
See, for me, that is a tiny negatives section. So what did I love about the phone?
  • It is so small & light (yeah, I know thats two things). You can truly forget that you have a phone in your pocket, especially compared to some of its rivals.
  • It comes with the amazing Android OS. The only OS capable of giving Apple a run for its money (In My Opinion Only!!)
  • It is feature packed; Wifi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth (Not that any phone doesn’t have that) and a good quality camera.
  • Easy sync on Mac OS and Windows 7.
  • Universal charging adaptor (Thank you EU legislation – its the one good thing you ever did)
(This image is Copyrighted by Orange. It has been used for descriptive purposes only)
A Conclusion Please….
I would say that for the amount of money you are paying, this is an amazing phone that can actually do some tasks better than your computer (especially for you poor soles on Vista – you know who you are!).
Value for money – 5 out of 5
Build Quality       – 3 out of 5
Features                – 4 out of 5
Looks                     – 3 out of 5
Until next time, Tatty Bye followers!

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One response to “Orange San Francisco Review (1 Month On)”

  1. mrs joyce carter says :

    i also have this phone.but latley has stopped charging wont fully charge and some times not at all

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