Living In ‘The Cloud’ (The Concept Of ChromeBooks Put To The Test!)

I have been watching Google’s Chrome OS since they announced its existence a few years ago. At first I believed that totally cloud based computing was going to work, and what’s more, I tried to live entirely within my web browser for two months, and here is how I got on;

(This image is Copyrighted by Google. It has been used for descriptive purposes only)

Creating and sharing DOCUMENTS with Docs- 


  • It is free, unlike Microsoft’s Office suite and Apple’s iWork
  • You can easily make documents available to anyone you want without emailing it.
  • It is a simple Interface
  • Lots of Storage
  • You can still print the documents
  • Full compatibility with other Document suites
  • There are not enough fonts
  • There are not enough features to make to document look ‘pretty’
  • Limited functions within Spreadsheet
Video and Picture Editing
Well (in my opinion), there is only one good online picture editing application, and that is Picnik. Picnik is a free service which allows you to edit your photos on a comparable level with Picassa or iPhoto. It is very easy to use, but can create some amazing photos. Once finished editing you can just add them to your Picassa album
Sadly, good quality video editing is practically non-existent on the internet. This is because it is a power consuming task that was designed to be done on a PC.
Online Email App Gmail
Google Mail is probably one of the most widely used email account types (other than Hotmail). The web client for Gmail is very good. It is so much more feature packed than its rivals, and it doesn’t lack ease of use.
  • Contains almost all of the features that you will find on Apple’s ‘Mail’ or Microsoft’s ‘Outlook’ (And definitely more than Outlook Web App).
  • It look really good and has a wide choice of background images, so it doesn’t lack the personal touch.
  • It has an alternative version for slower internet connections, which is a massive bonus if you are unfortunate enough to live in England.
  • It has not got a read-receipt function
  • You cannot personalise emails as much as you can on Apple’s Mail application
(This image is Copyrighted by Google. It has been used for descriptive purposes only)

My Conclusion On Whether I Can Live In ‘The Cloud’
The answer is NO, I really can’t. As you can see, I can find many more positives than negatives, but I love my media and iTunes way too much. There are just too many services that are not available in the internet (or at least ones that are good enough.)
I do however believe that the Google ChromeBooks are an amazing idea, and they are ideal for people who only use a computer for email. Even so, I think they may have come too late, iPads and other Tablet PC’s have defined, and are leading that market. I do however, wish google the best with this venture, because I love their internet services, I am just not willing to live without my Hard Drive.


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