YouTube’s Bad Side

I am a regular user of Google’s video streaming service ‘Youtube’. I love using it for catching up on technology news, and sometimes just for a good old laugh at fat people faling over! Youtube, however, is not all good. I don’t meen Bad in the ‘evil’ sense, I just mean that it has a few flaws that sometimes drive me insane!


(This image is Copyrighted by Google & Youtube. It has been used for descriptive purposes only

These flaws are;

  • Its too established. By this, I mean that it is very hard for a new channel to get very far because people (Youtube Partners) are already too far ahead and are hogging all of the subscribers.
  • I have been forced to endure the same 15 second advert every time I watch a video for many months now and I still dont even know what they are trying to sell me!
  • It tries to sell itself as a social network, but i just don’t see how it is or ever could become one.
Some may say that I am just being too pedantic, but when you use the service regularly things like that eat away at you until you want to scream. Going back to the point about not being able to get very far as a new channel, this is a personal point, as I have a channel with the same/similar content to this blog but it gets no views, whereas the blog hit over the 100 mark most days.

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