Why Have Loads Of Devices? Why Not 1 or 2?

With the decline of optical drives and a higher dependancy on ‘The Cloud’, I was wondering why people still have many computing devices lying around their houses?

These days we can hold so much information on small devices that in my opinion the only devices we need in this day and age is;

  • A Mac (With Windows on Bootcamp)
  • A Tablet of your choice
  • A Smartphone
  • Viewing Medium (TV or big monitor)
Now, this list may actually seem quite long to some people, but think about it for a second. There is no need what so ever for an iPod or Mp3 player anymore since the invention of the smartphone, There is no need for a Radio or CD player anymore and increasingly there is no need for laptops.
(This image is Copyrighted by Apple. It has been used for descriptive purposes only)
To some extent (as hinted above), I do not even see much room for a traditional computer or laptop in the coming years. This is an opinion that some may agree with and many more will not, but the fact is that most people who are not power users do not need anything on a PC that a tablet computer cannot offer.
More and more I can also see that hard drives are less necessary in our gadgetry. I store most of my documents and pictures online anyway, so there is less need for traditional hard drive space when we consider that music seems to be moving towards the cloud anyway.

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