Technology On Trains

People often ask the question ‘Is it acceptable to use laptops, phones, and iPads on a train? After using the train on quite a regular basis for the last few years I have finally found an answer to this friction causing question.

I absolutely despise people who talk on their phones when sat on the train, bus, ferry or station platform. I know this may sound harsh to some people, but to be quite honest i absolutely do not care in the slightest about what these rude people have to say. I want to sit on a nice quiet train that is free from telephone conversations, loud music and irritating ringtones. This is not to say that i have an issue with people texting or using mobile apps, infect I do that myself as it does not bother anybody else. This does lead me onto my other ‘disallowed’ activity, which is Playing music of any kind so loud that we can hear it through headphones. That has to be the most rude thing that you can do on a train other than shouting.

I see train travel as one of the most depressing things that we have to do. So I see absolutely no reason why people have an issue with people using iPads, or Laptops on a train. They are brilliant distractions from irritating fellow passengers, and they give us the ability to get on with our work as we would if we were at home, in an office, or in school. Some people give really dirty looks to people with laptops or tablet computers, and I just cannot se anything wrong with it.


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