Will Angry Birds Be Remembered As A Classic?

Angry Birds is one of the most played games available to Mobile Phone, Tablet, Google Chrome and Macintosh users, and is soon going to be available on some smart TVs. This has made me wonder wether this line of games developed by the Finnish company Rovio will be remembered as a classic in a few decades time, as Pacman and Space Invaders are remembered today?

What defines a classic game? The answer to this is subjective, but I would believe that a classic is a game that has a ‘cult’ following and is still played many years after it was first created. So, do you think that this simple yet engaging game will still be played in decades time? I think that it will be, and I expect that I will be one of the people still playing it.

You don’t have to look far to see that Angry Birds has a cult following a simple Youtube search will reveal lunatics that have made interactive Angry Birds birthday cakes and life size replicas. Somehow Rovio has managed to create a game with an ability to be just as addictive as the likes of Apple’s products (with its version of Microsoft being the now forgotten Crush The Castle).










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