BookBook Macbook (Pro) Review 1 Month On

About 1 Month ago I published a review of My BookBook Macbook case. As this is the second most popular post I have done so far I feel that I should follow it up with a Longitudinal review.

What Has Changed Since My Last Review?

I am finding out that the quality of the case is very high, but at the same time, I am realising that the leather needs protecting almost as much as the laptop itself, which is stupid!!!!!! I now fear adding scratches to it every time that I Pick it up.

I am regretting the fact that i did not buy a case with a handle or strap to put over my shoulder. I am finding that it can be a bit too heavy to carry about, so i put it in my bag and then it gets scratched against anything else in the bag.

This is not to say that I do not like the BookBook, I just think that it is more of a ‘novelty’ item that you should only use once in a while.


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One response to “BookBook Macbook (Pro) Review 1 Month On”

  1. LisaR says :

    The risk of scratching the leather doesn’t concern me — after all, the case is already hand-distressed. A few more dings and scratches add character. 🙂

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