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iPad 3? When is it coming? Will it be released this year?

The iPad is possibly one of the most distinctive pieces of technology created in the last decade, and It also managed to re-define a whole category of personal computing. But with success comes competition, and many Android equivalents are beginning to catch up with Apples iPad 2. Because of this there has been speculation as to whether Apple will upgrade the iPad later this year.

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No, it wont be released this year, I am willing to stake my reputation on that (well I would be if I had one). Apple would be very stupid if it were to release a new version of the iPad so soon, it would anger a lot of its customers who bought the iPad two, and ultimately, Apple needs to keep its ‘Fanboys’ happy.

There would be an advantage to releasing the new iPad, after all, it would mean that its competitors would be thrown even further back into the dark by any new technology added to it. Despite this, I just cannot see Apple being so stupid that they would risk the customer loyalty that has mad the company what it is today.




“Should I Buy My Kids An iPad?”

I often hear people asking questions like this on Web forums and in YouTube comment threads. I have been reflecting on this topic quite a bit today (In my extreme boredom), and I have come to the conclusion that it is not a bad idea.

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My reasons for making this statement are;

  • That it is an interactive and potentially educational item. Would you not rather your child was interacting with a controllable device than simply sitting and watching TV.
  • You can restrict a child’s access to applications, the internet and system settings far more easily than you can on a Mac or PC.
  • You can buy some very very tough iPad cases that will protect it even when it is in use, so you can be guaranteed that your kid will not break it.
Now, does that not make complete sense? Glad I could Hep!

Should I Upgrade My Computer?

In the past few months sise I set up this blog I have been getting rather confused by people emailing me with questions such as;

“Should I replace my old Sony Vaio laptop with the newer 2011 model?”

Sony Vaio

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The reason that I find these questions confusing is that the older version is clearly working otherwise you couldn’t have sent the email, so why upgrade? And unless you are doing things like gaming, video or music editing you have no need to be keeping up with the latest processors and graphics processors.

You see, I may be a techie, but I would consider myself to also be sensible with my wallet. My answer to whether you should upgrade your computer is based on a few questions i would ask you;

  1. Does your current computer work?
  2. Does your current computer meet the demands you have of it?
  3. Could you not just clean up the hard drive, run de-frag and possibly upgrade the OS?
If the answer is yes to the first two questions then maybe you should try the third point. If the answer is no, then sure, go spend your money on the newer model. Now is that not the sensible solution?

Orange San Francisco Review (1 Month On)

Well, Its been about a month since I caved in and bought an Android phone, and me being me, I bought one of the cheapest ones that you can get. Despite my low expectations of an £84 device, I have been blown over by how amazing this phone is.


(This image is Copyrighted by Orange. It has been used for descriptive purposes only)

Lets get down to its fault first so we can end on a high note eh?

  • My San Francisco has a manufacturing fault which means that it will not charge in certain positions – odd I know, but its not a big enough issue for me to dwell on.
  • It Comes with LOADS of rubbish Orange apps and trial software that you cannot easily delete!!!!! – Its Windows all over again.
  • Its battery life could maybe be a bit bigger? possibly?
See, for me, that is a tiny negatives section. So what did I love about the phone?
  • It is so small & light (yeah, I know thats two things). You can truly forget that you have a phone in your pocket, especially compared to some of its rivals.
  • It comes with the amazing Android OS. The only OS capable of giving Apple a run for its money (In My Opinion Only!!)
  • It is feature packed; Wifi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth (Not that any phone doesn’t have that) and a good quality camera.
  • Easy sync on Mac OS and Windows 7.
  • Universal charging adaptor (Thank you EU legislation – its the one good thing you ever did)
(This image is Copyrighted by Orange. It has been used for descriptive purposes only)
A Conclusion Please….
I would say that for the amount of money you are paying, this is an amazing phone that can actually do some tasks better than your computer (especially for you poor soles on Vista – you know who you are!).
Value for money – 5 out of 5
Build Quality       – 3 out of 5
Features                – 4 out of 5
Looks                     – 3 out of 5
Until next time, Tatty Bye followers!

Living In ‘The Cloud’ (The Concept Of ChromeBooks Put To The Test!)

I have been watching Google’s Chrome OS since they announced its existence a few years ago. At first I believed that totally cloud based computing was going to work, and what’s more, I tried to live entirely within my web browser for two months, and here is how I got on;

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Creating and sharing DOCUMENTS with Docs- 


  • It is free, unlike Microsoft’s Office suite and Apple’s iWork
  • You can easily make documents available to anyone you want without emailing it.
  • It is a simple Interface
  • Lots of Storage
  • You can still print the documents
  • Full compatibility with other Document suites
  • There are not enough fonts
  • There are not enough features to make to document look ‘pretty’
  • Limited functions within Spreadsheet
Video and Picture Editing
Well (in my opinion), there is only one good online picture editing application, and that is Picnik. Picnik is a free service which allows you to edit your photos on a comparable level with Picassa or iPhoto. It is very easy to use, but can create some amazing photos. Once finished editing you can just add them to your Picassa album
Sadly, good quality video editing is practically non-existent on the internet. This is because it is a power consuming task that was designed to be done on a PC.
Online Email App Gmail
Google Mail is probably one of the most widely used email account types (other than Hotmail). The web client for Gmail is very good. It is so much more feature packed than its rivals, and it doesn’t lack ease of use.
  • Contains almost all of the features that you will find on Apple’s ‘Mail’ or Microsoft’s ‘Outlook’ (And definitely more than Outlook Web App).
  • It look really good and has a wide choice of background images, so it doesn’t lack the personal touch.
  • It has an alternative version for slower internet connections, which is a massive bonus if you are unfortunate enough to live in England.
  • It has not got a read-receipt function
  • You cannot personalise emails as much as you can on Apple’s Mail application
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My Conclusion On Whether I Can Live In ‘The Cloud’
The answer is NO, I really can’t. As you can see, I can find many more positives than negatives, but I love my media and iTunes way too much. There are just too many services that are not available in the internet (or at least ones that are good enough.)
I do however believe that the Google ChromeBooks are an amazing idea, and they are ideal for people who only use a computer for email. Even so, I think they may have come too late, iPads and other Tablet PC’s have defined, and are leading that market. I do however, wish google the best with this venture, because I love their internet services, I am just not willing to live without my Hard Drive.

YouTube’s Bad Side

I am a regular user of Google’s video streaming service ‘Youtube’. I love using it for catching up on technology news, and sometimes just for a good old laugh at fat people faling over! Youtube, however, is not all good. I don’t meen Bad in the ‘evil’ sense, I just mean that it has a few flaws that sometimes drive me insane!


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These flaws are;

  • Its too established. By this, I mean that it is very hard for a new channel to get very far because people (Youtube Partners) are already too far ahead and are hogging all of the subscribers.
  • I have been forced to endure the same 15 second advert every time I watch a video for many months now and I still dont even know what they are trying to sell me!
  • It tries to sell itself as a social network, but i just don’t see how it is or ever could become one.
Some may say that I am just being too pedantic, but when you use the service regularly things like that eat away at you until you want to scream. Going back to the point about not being able to get very far as a new channel, this is a personal point, as I have a channel with the same/similar content to this blog but it gets no views, whereas the blog hit over the 100 mark most days.

Why I Love And Recommend ‘Absolute Radio’

Absolute Radio (formerly Virgin Radio) based in One Golden Square London is a Rock and Indie station that also broadcasts British music festivals and football matches live. So, if you’re a fan of lighter Rock, live music, and football Absolute radio is perfect for you!

(This image is Copyrighted by Timl and Absolute Radio. It has been used for descriptive purposes only.

Recently, Absolute radio was reviewed by The Guardian and described as being a bit like “Lidl FM”. I think that was a very harsh review, although I can sometimes see how it would be the case. I would suggest that you give the station a try either by listening on DAB in the UK, Online at, or by downloading their application from the Android, iOS, Nokia, Blackberry, Mac app stores.

My favorite show is hosted by Iain Lee from 11pm Monday-Thursday. It is a very funny show, and is much better than some of the ridiculous shows other stations (both Radio and TV) have at that time. I also love their live coverage of music festivals such as ‘Hard Rock Calling’ and ‘The Isle Of White Festival’.

(This image is Copyrighted by Timl and Absolute Radio. It has been used for descriptive purposes only.

These days it seems unpopular to listen to the radio unless you are in a car or in bed, but I see it as being by far superior to TV, and you can have it in the background whilst you are working or reading. What do you think?