Mathmos Blimp Review

For those of you unfamiliar with the work of Mathmos, they are a British company that specialise in producing high quality Mood Lighting and Lava Lamps.  Check out their Website. This is a 2 year review of the Mathmos Blimp.

The Mathmos Blimp phases through the full color spectrum to create mood lighting that is relaxing an beautiful. This product is currently priced at £33.45 on Amazon UK or $49.95 on Amazon US. This price is very reasonable, as this light is very long lasting, very high quality and of beautiful design.

Whats Good About It?

The Mathmos Blimps colours are produced by very bright Red, Green and Blue low-voltage LEDs. Above the LEDs there is a small cover of Frosted glass that ‘joins’ all of the colours together, so that by the time the light hits the outer shell it is fully merged and not in any way ‘blotchy’. This is a feature that is not yet common place in the LED market, so it makes the Mathmos Blimp stand out from the crowd in terms of light quality.

The lamp still looks good during the day whilst it is switched off. This is due to the high quality White frosted glass. This means that it looks like an ornament during the day as opposed to a horrible looking mess of cables and circuit board.

The Mathmos Blimp is built to last. I have owned the light for 2 years and it is still in the same condition it was in when i purchased it (and given my reputation for breaking things that is an achievement). This is due to the thick layer of glass that forms the outer shell, the long lasting LED lights and a unibody design.

Whats Not Great About It?

This may be rare, but I actually can not find any negatives to this product! I genuinely believe that there is no reason why you should not buy the Mathmos Blimp, other than the fact that I think they would be better off calling it the ‘Mathmos Sphere’.

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One response to “Mathmos Blimp Review”

  1. sjh says :

    I have a negative. It is not possible to switch on and off remotely in a lighting circuit.

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