Xbox Live Review

Its been a year since I bought my Xbox Arcade edition, so I thought i should do a full review of Microsofts online service, and I believe that Microsoft has done a very good job of Xbox Live, and I do honestly believe that you get what you pay for.

Faults With The Service-

In the case of connecting to online games Microsofts service is very fast and efficient, although one dis-advantage (whilst not actually Microsofts fault) is the fact that it is up to games wether they host games via their own servers or through gamers connections. This is Bad because if game studios choose the later option, you are much more likely to experience laggy connections and obscure glitches.

Content seems to be something that Microsoft does not offer enough of. I would love to see brand new games immediately on offer via the Marketplace. At the moment the lack of this option puts the Xbox way behind the PC, which has services such as Steam. I would also love to see a dedicated section section for Wallpapers (and ones that are not just game related).

It would be great to see a web browser built into the xbox so that it can be an alternative to the Google TV. If they introduced a web browser (and support for bluetooth mice & keyboards) then we could use tv catchup services online. This would also be a bullet in the head of the Apple TV, as the Xbox would then have even more content and features.

Positives of The Service-

Xbox live parties are truly the best part of Xbox Live. When you compare it with services such as Skype, which charge for chats over a certain amount of people it makes the Xbox a brilliant social network. These days I use it as a replacement for a telephone call with people.

You never have to worry about games going out of date with all of the downloads that you receive from Xbox. This means that you do not have to find downloads manually or play games that have loads of glitches that have no patches.


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