Windows Phone 7 Update

So, Engadget has put out a story today saying that they are expecting the release of Windows 7.1 – This would be the next major release of the OS. It would presumably come as they prepare to release the first Nokia Windows Phones.

What I Want/Expect To See In This release

  • Internet Explorer 9 – This has been hinted by other Tech Bloggers
  • Better Multi-Tasking
  • Better Stability of 3rd Party Applications
  • More Apps In The Marketplace
  • More Customisation Options
If they incorporate any of the above they will have the ability to successfully compete with iOS and Android, which it has not quite managed so far. I will be buying a windows phone later this year, so I will do a full review then. I believe that Windows Phone has positioned itself in a very clever price range;
  • It is as ‘closed’ and ‘reliable as iOS, but about half the price
  • It has better accessibility to services such as Office, Windows live than Android, but a bit more expensive

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