Speck Satin Macbook Case

Aboout a week ago I purchased a black Satin Case for my Macbook white unibody from the Apple Online Store, and this is my review.

Apples shipping service for standard delivery was truly excellent. It was dispatched within 24 hours and arrived a mere two days later. It arrived in perfect condition. So, I would fully suggest that people orfer their priducts from Apple. Now, on with the hardware review

The Good

The case fits the Macbook perfectly and locks on so well that there is no chance of it falling off.
It looks very nice. There is nothing that stands out on it other than the artistic logo.
It is very tough. I dropped the Macbook with it on and there was no damage caused at all.
It does not Get in the way of any of the ports, your cables, or gadgets.

The Bad

Any greace or finger prints actually stand out worse on this than on an unprotected Macbook.
Whilst not especially heavy, it does add considerable bulk to the laptop, which can be annoying.
You can only see the Apple logo faintly.


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