Orange San Fransisco Review

So, I finally caved into the pressure from my friends and bought a smart phone, but not just any phone, the cheapest Android phone there is.

I am now in my second day of owning this phone, and l can safely say that it is far better than any other phones in its price range, and i may even go so far as to say it is better than some phones of an even higher cost

The Good
This phone runs Android with ease. Its 500mb ram is definitely good enough to power the OS
It has a screen resolution that is far superior to my MacBook, so no complaints in that department.
the screen is just big enough to use the touch keyboard nicely.
Its built-in WiFi is fast and easy to set up.

The Bad
Its battery life means that if you are a heavy user, you have tl keep recharging it.
It comes loaded with terrible apps that you don’t want and can’t easily delete, which brings back horrible memories of Windows
It is made by Orange, so it gets a few laughs from people based on the brand alone.


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