iPad 2 Plant Explosion – Slave Labour Anybody?

Sadly we live in an age where we rely on the far east to produce our technology through slave labour and poor safety. Today we saw the result of this in the form of the catastrophic incident at the iPad 2 factory which saw the death of 2 people and injury of 16.

This incident has also brought to light issues around staff well-being in the factories that supply the American Giant. It has been said that this follows a number of suicides amongst the staff of the factory. This is naturally a gutting thing to hear for most, but even more so to Apple fans and users who have been purchasing products that have been made in this and other factories like it. As an Apple user I will be pressuring Apple to look into ways that they could improve the working conditions and pay of these Chinese workers. I would urge anybody who uses or is intending to purchase an Apple product to send an email to the company or its employees.

It is important to stress that this factory does also supply a multitude of computer companies such as HP, it is not run by Apple, and that Apple does strive to improve conditions.

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