Will TV As We Know It Die Out?

This morning I have been pondering whether Tv has a place in our future lives. With the massive take-off of Youtube, Catchup TV, Live Streaming and other online media content it seems that more of our time is spent on the computer and less time is spent sat in front of a Tv.

When I say TV, I do not include the online viewing or catch-up of Tv, I simply mean traditional TV viewing. On top of other media solutions becoming so popular, the Television itself is becoming a computer, what with the ability to connect to the internet and view photographs. So because of all of this I have been wondering whether we will still be watching Tv’s in the way we do today in maybe 5 to 10 years time.

Also, do you think CD Drives will still have a place in out computers over the next few years, or have they met their end with the introduction or Steam, The Mac App Store, and iTunes?

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