Why Pure is The Best Radio Manufacturer

In December 2008 I purchased my first Pure product, It was the Pure Chromos iDock. Here I am 2 and a half year later, and it is still one of my favorite pieces of tech, and it is one of five Pure products that I now own.

What I Love About Pure

  • The sound quality feels almost as good as top of the range Bose products. You really feel the middle and bottom ends of the sound without it being too obtrusive.
  • Their products are truly beautiful and as well designed as Apple products. They use high quality materials, and set the buttons out in a very intuitive way.
  • They are very low energy. Pure prides itself on selling products that do not consume copious quantities of electricity.
What I hate about Pure:
  • Although built to endure day-to-day life and its toils, they do not seem to survive drops too well. I dropped a radio from half a meter and ever since it has glitched out a bit (i.e. press menu but the volume goes up instead)
I would fully advise anybody considering a DAB, FM, or Internet radio to purchase a Pure product

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