Is Windows Phone (7) The Future Of Mobile Phones?

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Microsoft has been making a lot of fuss over its Windows Phone 7 in recent months, and with good reason. The Windows Phone has many features that will hold an advantage over its competitors;

  • Mobile Microsoft Office
  • Xbox Live
  • Live Tiles


That said, as many in the industry have been saying, it is not yet capable of a comparison with iOS or Android. I would say that Windows Phone 7 is not quite where it needs to be to obtain a high market share, however they are well on their way to getting there by the release of Windows Phone 8. The reason I believe that 8 will be capable of battling with Apple is that Microsoft has been making some high-profile Purchases and Partnerships with strong brands that it will be able to use in Windows Phone 8. These are
By partnering with Nokia Microsoft will be able to tailor its OS to the hardware as Apple does with the iPhone. This could mean much better reliability and speeds. The partnership with Skype will be able to combat Apple’s Face Time service.
I am hoping that Microsoft gets the Windows Phone right, it will be another bit of healthy competition withApple, Google, and RIM. And we all know that competition drives change and improvement.

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