BookBook for Macbook & Macbook Pro (13inch)

I recently purchased the BookBook Macbook case by Twelve South, and first of all I have to say what an amazing looking case it is. When I was considering which laptop case I should buy I had no idea that it were possible to get such an amazing looking one. Incase you didn’t know, the BookBook case is designed to look and feel like an old fashioned book. It is made of leather and comes with a zip that looks like it is a bookmark. The guys (and girls) of Twelve South have truly made the most fantastic case with such attention to detail that you would expect from Apple itself.

This attention to detail is not just shown in the aesthetics of the case, it is also very good at protecting your mac. It is very well padded, with extra padding in the spine so that were you to have the misfortune of dropping it the laptop would remain safe. It is also very light and therefore if quite easy to carry around with you on your daily business or on holiday. I do doubt how long it will be until it starts to show signs of wear and tear, as it does seem like it needs protecting from scratches itself (which can be a bit annoying). The other thing I will say is that they do not advise using it on white unibody macs because long term testing has shown that it may discolor the mac. I am not so fussed about this because i have a protective shell over my laptop anyway, plus you can even use your laptop inside the case so you may never need to see the white shell ever again!

I would rate this case as being 9/10. It is truly the best think i have bought since my macbook itself! Do you want a BookBook or do you have one yourself? Please leave a comment!


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