Do We Really Need Mobile Phones?

About three weeks ago I had the misfortune of loosing my phone. At first I was absolutely devastated, and I wondered wether I could survive without it, but three weeks on my opinion is far different.

I Liken this situation to going on holiday to somewhere with no internet. It sounds horrible, yet after about two days you realise that you are happier without it (or is that just me?). I do not miss my phone in any way. I no longer have to put up with annoying people that i dont even like texting me, and I do not have to be constantly connected to Facebook and the other social networks. I am actually feeling the most free that I have in years. As much as I love technology I love life without it too. That may sound odd, but it leaves us much more indipendant when we do not have a constant link to wikipedia or google.

Could you live without a mobile? Could you live without the internet? Let me know through the comments section or email me at


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