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What’s The Future Of Radio? Digital or Internet?

I would condider that if I were to list my use of technologies in order ofhow long I spend using them it would go something like this;

  1. Computer (Macintosh, MacBook 2010/Windows 7, Acer Aspire)
  2. The Internet (Via Google Chrome)
  3. Digital Radio
  4. Xbox
  5. Tv
  6. Internet Radio
So, as you can see, I am not a huge user of Internet radio. I think this is less of a conscious decision and more that I dont have and actual Internet radio in the house, meaning that I have to download computer apps. I am the sort of person that has a desire for technologies that are simple and not noticeable when I want them to be. Which leads me on to the obvious downfall of Internet radio.
Internet radio is worthless to anyone, like me, who lives in England where most internet services (excluding provincial cities) struggle to cope with Facebook. I am constantly bombarded by dips in connectivity (mostly down to the terrible service offered by Orange Broadband) which just detract from the user experience of internet radio services. The main floor of DAB (This is the digital radio technology in the UK only, as services are different throughout the world) is that there are very few stations when compared to Internet radio.
The positive to Internet radio is of course the level of choice, you can listen to stations around the world, This is why i still do use internet radio. I also use it because i cannot listen to Absolute Radio Classic Rock, or Absolute 00’s in Bristol via DAB. DAB has two things that I believe make it more useful to me than Internet Radio, and these are;
  1. Very high quality audio (this does depend on stations not being stingy with how much bandwidth they pay for).
  2. It can just be left on in the background without worries that it is slowing down my web browsing or over using my download limits (Since the word ‘unlimited’ seems to meen nothing to ISPs)
So, What’s your opinion? Do you even care?

Why Mac & Windows are equal

There is of course the never ending question “Which is better, Mac or Windows?”. There is simply one answer to this, and that is, BOTH! You would have to be a complete fool to believe for one second that there is a ‘perfect’ operating system.

Each OS has its benefits and so do many others such as linux, and increasingly iOS. In many cases a mac can do what a windows based computer can, and vice versa. Additionally a Windows computer can do things that a mac is not capable of and also to the same extent Mac can do things that Windows not able to do. Therefore you would be silly to deny that Mac is an equally good operating system as mac and that Windows is “Shit”.

Remember – Nothing can be Perfect and that Diversity is an integral part of a sensible techie’s life.